The Revitalized Spine

Welcome to QiCore Improvement

People the world over are searching for techniques to make them feel better. For many, their search stems from physical or emotional pain. Others may be searching for more joy or even enlightenment. But seldom does their search lead them to solutions that address the root cause of their issues. In some cases, a primary/root cause is that Qi is not moving efficiently through the most important pathway of the body – the spine.

Benefits of The Practice

  • Less back pain and other discomfort related to the spine and core
  • Improved posture, flexibility, and balance
  • Better digestion and general health with less inclination for future disease/illness
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better performance in athletics and leisure activities
  • Sharper mental focus and clarity
  • A more positive outlook about wellness potential
  • Feelings of empowerment about becoming an active participant in one’s own health.
  • Increased emotional stability resulting in feelings of greater confidence, a stronger sense of self, and increased joy and peace.

How QiCore Improvement Has Changed Lives

The True Meaning of Life

Completely open the heart and mind, heart to heart and mind to mind,
Becoming one with nature and all living beings,
To exchange, transform and balance as we merge into oneness for our mutual benefit,
Together manifesting the evolution and regeneration of life’s perfection.
Living in a new state of consciousness!

The True Meaning of Life
Liu Zhijun (Yuantong Liu)
Completely open the heart and mind, heart to heart and mind to mind

Make a difference in this world
while enhancing your own health